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updated: 05.19.2011
about this site
Q. Why "SmokingCrayolas?"
A. Because smoking cigarettes is nasty.
Q. Seriously, why "SmokingCrayolas?"
A. Back when I tried college for the first time, I went on a camping trip to Lake Murray, Oklahoma with IVCF. Being young and dumb, I was "making a statement" by carrying around a wrapped up dollar bill that I used as a surrogate cigarette. At one point, this cute girl comes up to me and asks me why I'm smoking a dollar bill. Recalling an old comedy routine I replied, "Would you rather I smoke crayolas?" "No. It stains your teeth," she replied. "You know the Smothers Brothers," I asked, setting in motion the first conversation I ever had with my wife.
Q. How did you construct the site?
A. This site is contructed through a combination of several software products:
  • Adobe Photoshop is used for initial design and layout. It is also used to make the final .gif and .jpg files that compose the layout.
  • Adobe Illustrator was used to design the initial SmokingCrayolas type treatment.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver is used for construction of the PHP and CSS pages. Whether just learning to build sites or an old pro, I cannot recommend this program enough. And I used to be a die-hard "the best HTML editor is Notepad" kind of guy.
  • MySQL has all that great SQL flavor with none of the price. The only section of the site that doesn't pull its content from the database is this (stuff) section.
Q. On a Windows machine?
A. Nah. While I used to be an avid PC gamer stuck in the constant Windows upgrade cycle, I've since abandoned that hobby and Windows in general. Now I'm stuck in the Mac upgrade cycle. This site was built on an Apple iBook G4 that has since been replaced by a couple generations of MacBook Pro.

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