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updated: May 21, 2013
Team SmokingCrayolas is a long-time group of friends/family that competes every year in the Dallas Video Festival's 24-hour Video Race.
The race is a competition in which teams have from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday to script, shoot, edit and turn in a five minute (or less) short film. To make things interesting, all teams are given the same list of items (theme, prop, location, etc.) to somehow work into their finished product. In theory, the more integral you can make each element, the better your film's chances of taking home a trophy.
Team SmokingCrayolas is:
  • Jake Farris
  • Nathan Herron
  • Nicole Herron
  • Kirk McPike
  • Todd Reed
  • Mike Erickson - '13
  • Ferguson Porter - '04
  • Barry Whitewater
  • - '13
  • Anna Youngblood - '02
  • Amy Youngblood - '02, '04, '05
  • Mitch Youngblood - '02-'05, '07-'08
Team SmokingCrayolas' best finishes:
updated: May 20, 2010
Any efforts not made with the team show up here.