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updated: June 5, 2006
I like the camera. On our last vacation I drove my wife crazy by averaging over one-hundred pictures per day. Any time I take a picture that is particularly interesting, I'll stick it here.
updated: August 19, 2013
Photo manipulation, graphic design, visual goof-arounds, etc. If it's been created or tweaked in the computer, and is remotely worthy of being seen, it goes in here.
updated: August 20, 2004
What the heck is, you might ask? "Wheat bread," I might answer. But that would be wrong.
Simply put, is a tennis match using Adobe Photoshop as paddles and images as the ball. The person who "serves" creates an image and sends it to their opponent. The opponent then creates a new image from the served image, and sends it back. The server then creates something new from the returned image, and play continues back-and-forth for a pre-determined number of rounds.
It's a great way to challenge oneself creatively, learn new image manipulation techniques, and have fun doing so.