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updated: 05.19.2011
about me
Q. Who are you?
A. Nathan Herron. aka CrayolaSmoker, GrafxGnu, Nate and Nate-Dogg
Q. What do you do?
A. I'm a telemetry nurse at a prominent cardiovascular center in North Texas.
Q. This site looks pretty involved for a nurse...
A. Before the tech sector collapsed in 2001 I spent some time as a graphic designer and programmer.
Q. Why nursing?
A. I was laid off in December 2001. After spending several months getting nowhere in my job hunt, I was open to suggestions. That summer, my wife had a valve replacement at Texas Children's Hospital. A conversation with her ICU nurse started me down the path I'm currently on.
Q. You're married?
A. Yes. Since 2001 and counting.
Q. Do you and your wife have any kids?
A. Yes. In June of 2009 my wife and I became parents to the most amazing, inspiring and frustrating people I've ever lived with, Kyla Rose and Lucas Grey. And I wouldn't trade 'em for the world.
Q. A boy and a girl! Are they identical?
A. Yes. Perfectly identical. Except for the penis.

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