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June 2009
40KR PITB: Trailer
Back in February, Spencer, the host of 40K Radio, accepted a challenge from "Regulator," one of the 40K Radio listeners, to a titan-o e titan-o fight at Adepticon 2009. Having already booked my hotel room to the event, I volunteered to video tape the battle and throw something up on the "Freebootaz Forum" as bonus content for the show. Within hours, I'd been contacted by Spencer to turn the tape into a full-fledged DVD to sell to listeners.
I agreed. Our ideas on how to beef it up were flowing fast and furious, and the excitement was palpable. Besides, between my video race experience and some school projects I've edited, it'd be a piece of cake. Right?
WRONG! I had NO CLUE what I'd gotten myself into. With multiple camera angles, multiple audio tracks, lack of coverage, insterstitials unlike any I've ever done before, and the pure hype generated by the 40K Radio fan-base, I'd just taken on the biggest "side project" of my life.
During the project, I've restarted the edit three times, twice in iMovie, and finally in Adobe Premiere. I've discovered audio tracks embedded in files that I didn't know where there. I've begun to learn the power of Adobe After Effects, and I'm floored by what it might bring to future endeavors. If nothing else, this project has been a richly rewarding learning experience that I'm glad I took on. Even if it stressed me out at what was already one of the most stressful times of my life. Thank you, Spencer, for the opportunity to expand my skillset and hopefully provide a "professional quality" DVD on which you can proudly stamp the 40K Radio logo.
Clocking in at over an hour, and being a retail product, I obviously can't put up the whole video. However, I can put up the trailer I made to sate the fanbase.