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May 2006
for her guys only
SmokingCrayolas' entry in the Video Association of Dallas' 5th Annual 24-Hour Video Race.
Like last year, we started a man down this year. However, we also started a woman down as well. Collectively, these two individuals are known as "The Youngbloods." You see, Amy graduated from Texas Wesleyan Law School on Friday and they both decided her after-parties were more important than the video race. Nevermind that I also graduated on Friday, at the exact same time and managed to make room for the video race... ;-) We hope to have them both back next year and team SmokingCrayolas raring to go in full-force.
Our crazy experiences for this year consisted mostly of realizing our battery no longer held a charge an hour before we needed to shoot on location, and managing to work in the props from every year but one (the ladder) and every line they've ever given us. Laura Neitzel, the Executive Director of the Dallas Video Association, said upon hearing this news, "I bet you had some nonsensical dialogue." Well, yes. But only in one scene.
We thought the requirement's list was good to us this year, and far better than the year previous.
2006's list of requirements:
  • Theme: Cover Story
  • Prop: A Measuring Device
  • Location: A public statue or art exhibition
  • Dialogue: "That's what I'm talking about."