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May 2005
SmokingCrayolas' entry in the Video Association of Dallas' 4th Annual 24-Hour Video Race.
We started a man down this year, as Kirk thought his graduation from SMU a bit more important than some dinky ol' race. However, we were a woman up, as Amy got to participate throughout the race this time.
Though we didn't win, there were a few notable moments this year: 1) We met a really nice postal worker who brought us a first class stamp to use on our props. 2) My name is most likely on an FBI list somewhere after the nice officer grilled me on why I was filming planes landing at Love Field airport. 3) We managed to survive one major computer crash on both laptops and still managed to turn our video in with 6 minutes to spare - as Mitch's driving is fast, and laptops let you export to tape en route to the finish line.
2005's list of requirements:
  • Theme: First Class
  • Prop: The Friday, May 13 issue of The Quick
  • Location: A mailbox
  • Dialogue: "I thought that was fixed a long time ago."