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battle: October 2002
three-way battle
A three way "filters-only" battle fought at the Were-Here forums. Their "Battle Dome" is an excellent place to find both competition and inspiration. Some truly talented artists working there.
I'm particularly proud of Volley 08. There's a haunting sadness to it that took me by surprise. (Even if it does look like the glowing-eyed robot from Scooby-Doo went out and got his MBA.)
(NOTE: "Crayolasmoker" substituted with "c_smoker" to preserve formatting.)
 volley 1 - serpentstar
 volley 2 - c_smoker
 volley 3 - icculus
 volley 4 - serpentstar
 volley 5 - c_smoker
 volley 6 - icculus
 volley 7 - serpentstar
 volley 8 - c_smoker
 volley 9 - icculus
 volley 10 - serpentstar
 volley 11 - c_smoker
 volley 12 - icculus