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battle: February 2002
fig vs. gnu
Christopher "Fig" Figat introduced me to Photoshop Tennis in February 2002, and subsequently indulged me my first battle. After a solid initial volley, (Having seen the original picture, trust me, he WORKED that image.) I think we both turned in sub-standard efforts. After that initial hiccup, I think we both hit our stride, feeding off eachother quite nicely.
(NOTE: "Gnu" is a handle used well before I adopted the moniker "CrayolaSmoker.")
 volley 1 - fig
 volley 2 - gnu
 volley 3 - fig
 volley 4 - gnu
 volley 5 - fig
 volley 6 - gnu
 volley 7 - fig
 volley 8 - gnu