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Hello, and welcome to smokingcrayolas, my own private patch of internet. Use the words above to get to the main sections of the site, and the bar on the left to navigate within those. Hopefully, you'll find something in here that suits your fancy. If you don't? Well, that's okay too. You can always write me to tell me what you'd like to see.
updated: August 19, 2013 - 04:34 PM
Contains a sporadically updated blog and other writings. "Other writings" are mostly short stories, but I reserve the right to toss in anything I author.
updated: August 19, 2013
Visual arts to be precise, as I am not musically inclined. Consists of photographs and images created on the computer (I was a graphic designer in another life).
updated: May 21, 2013
Right now, a repository for the 24-Hour Video Race entries of Team SmokingCrayolas.
If I ever get off my butt and start making my own shorts, they'll show up here as well.
updated: May 19, 2011
Everything else. Information about me and the site. Links I find useful/interesting.